After a slight hiatus, we should probably get back to this, huh?

Sunday Funday – charcuterie boards are my favorite! They’re so easy and so delicious. Just pick a few different cheeses and maybe some meats and you’re good to go. We add a few little odds and ends to make it our own too. We like honey, jam, olives, balsamic, and almonds as some examples.

Today we used a few cheeses from Trader Joe’s. I always find they have a pretty good selection of different cheeses, perfect to add variety to a cheese board. They also have these great cured meat choices. This time we chose the Spanish option, but the Italian assortment is wonderful, too!

To finish off our little outdoor snack, the drinks. Mango lassis were what we ventured to make and they turned out very good. We subbed in some mango puree instead of fresh mangoes this time, but we will definitely be making this refreshing beverage again, so we can try out ripe mango chunks next time. We modified the recipe in the link below.

So all in all, a pretty fun, low-key Sunday afternoon.

Mango Lassi, Jarlsberg, Caramelized Onion Cheddar, Pesto Gouda, Spanish Meats, Savory Thins, Kalamata Olives, Stonewall Kitchen Raspberry Jam




Not Our Typical Friday Night

My turn…

One week ago we were all dressed up with nowhere to go. At the last minute, we decided to make our own, fancier than usual, dinner for two. We also had our expensive bottle of champagne: that had been chilling in the fridge for too long for my liking.

Enter Pinterest dinner plus champagne. Since we’re in Seattle, we opted for a surf and turf meal. I found a delicious looking steak and scallop recipe and we got to work!

The night began with some yummy cheeses and champagne. I needed some bubbles to quench my thirst while cooking. The sizzling butter produced a wonderful smell, and with the steak added, the smell became so much better! The steaks were in the pan; asparagus, our favorite, was roasting in the oven; the champagne was delicious; then it was time to start the sauce. I had never used scallions to start a sauce, but everything looked good so far. As it simmered away, our bellies were losing their patience, and the aroma was so enticing. Last but not least, those poor scallops; it was their turn on the stove. And five minutes later we were able to dig in. The light sauce created the perfect bond between the steak and seafood. I was a bit intimidated by cooking steaks, but with this recipe, I achieved a perfect medium rare.


I had to add it to my recipe book


We ended the night at a dimly lit circular bar. Each drank an old fashioned: rye for Robert, bourbon for me. To top off the night, we indulged in a nice, warm skillet cookie together. Happy Friday!



Original Recipe

Birthday Bubbles

On May 30th, the day before Brittany’s 27th birthday, she and Robert took a trip to Bevmo for a bottle of celebration. She’s a sucker for the classic Veuve, but Robert thought they ought to have something new and exciting to celebrate. What they could agree upon was

“Sabered” bottle close up

a pretty bottle called Perrier-Jouët, brut champagne, which would hit the spot for both of them. However, Robert insisted on teaching Brittany how to saber (open with a blade) their champagne, but Brittany didn’t want to waste a sip of her nice birthday bubbly in the process, so Robert acquiesced to also get a bottle of Cupcake prosecco for the job.

Come May 31st, two juicy filets trembled and sizzled atop the burning grates of the grill. The couple stood on the porch looking at the trees. “Aim it at that thick tree trunk there,” Robert droned. “You don’t want the cork to land in the street.”

With the Cupcake in her left hand, and a gratuitously large, yellow-handled knife in her right, Brittany experienced a bit of empathy for the steaks. Robert’s voice would excite and agitate and slow each time Brittany told him to calm down.

“No, hold the bottle higher,” he said in frustration, “hold the knife the other way; you’re gonna use the blunt edge.”

“You want me to hold the knife toward myself? Why don’t you just do it?” Brittany was no happy camper.

“Yeah. Yes, don’t worry. No, you’re doing it. You’ll be fine, trust me! And it’s a punching motion, not a flick of the wrist.” Robert rambled off his instructions for the umpteenth time.

“Okay, I know, I got it. I got it! Shut up and let me do it!” And reader, she did it. A clean break, a cork made into a shooting star, and fewer bubbles spilling than usual. Robert caught what did fall with a glass held up to the bottle. Brittany chuckle-snorted in an instant of awe and they got on with it. The Perrier-Jouët didn’t touch any lips that night.

Signing off,